Porsche Cayman GT4 Is ALMOST The Perfect Sports Car

With a bigger engine, weapons-grade suspension upgrades and adjustable aerodynamics, the GT4 is the Porsche Cayman unleashed. Mostly. With the front suspension and tyres lifted wholesale from the ballistic 911 GT3, bespoke rear suspension and tyres and 385 horsepower from a mid-mounted 911 S engine connected to a 6-speed manual gearbox, it's clear that Porsche isn't afraid to let the 911's little brother realise its full potential after years of being pegged back to avoid intra-brand cannibalism. Except. Except it still has Cayman GTS gear ratios that are quite long, giving potential for a high top speed and improving fuel consumption at a cruise, but sacrificing some of the acceleration. When you can top 70mph in second gear in a track-biased car with six gears, perhaps they really are too long. Perhaps the GT4's Nürburgring lap time of 7:40 would've been so much shorter with shorter gears that the current GT3 would've been threatened. It already pips the previous-gen GT3 3.8 as it is.

But hey ho. Maybe a dealer would accept an under-the-counter payment to upgrade the engine to 430bhp "911 Powerkit S" spec. Maybe someone will find a shorter final drive or a Porsche tuner will give it shorter ratios with their own gearbox upgrade. Maybe someone will even just swap a 997 GT3 powertrain in there! That would make it 100% perfect. For now though, you'll have to get used to not flying through the gears quite like a GT3 does and revel in how good literally everything else about it apparently is. Besides, it clearly doesn't stop you going nuts and having a riot on track!

Oh, and if you were born in 2001 and have only just heard of driver's cars, then professional hooligan Chris Harris has asked the man behind the GT4 to explain the extra things you'll find inside it: