Thursday, 18 September 2014

Recoil is the New Gymkhana

Hey everyone, remember Ken Block? Y'know, that guy with the rally cars who did skids and stuff in a Subaru and then a Ford? Well, unfortunately, it turns out that you can have too many sequels, so the "Gymkhana" series of videos has ground to a halt as he practices not crashing in proper rally racing. In the meantime, Monster Energy decided to find another hot-shoe with a powerful toy and some obstacles to play with. Oh, and some utterly gratuitous "bikini babes" for anyone whose attention can't be held by an 800-horsepower Trophy Truck (the likes of which takes on the fearsome Baja 1000 desert race) doing skids and, most importantly, jumping off stuff. Mexican stuff. So kick back and crank open a can of heart disease for 7 totally rad minutes - well, 6 totally rad minutes followed by slightly weird credits - and enjoy as "Ballistic BJ Baldwin" punches gravity in the dick. Over and over again.

Oh, and if you haven't seen the first Recoil video - because admittedly, I hadn't either - then here it is. In this simpler but prettier shoot he's deep in the depths of Another Place when he jumps over a tuned GT-R and makes an E92 M3 look lame as he picks up a model for a date. Because, when you have a Trophy Truck, that's just kind of how your life is...... right???

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